Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Get Smell Out of Carpet

How to Get smell Out of Carpet

The OdorKlenz source treatment is your #1 trusted source to get smells out of carpet without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals.Carpeting is notorious for both harboring and capturing odors and holding onto them for dear life. Typically the majority of these odors are temporary and can be removed by utilizing the right products and the right techniques. The amount of time and elbow grease that this will require is solely dependent on the source of the odor.
If the source of the odor is strong for example a vomit odor or day old spilled milk, this will require a product that is versatile and strong enough to attack the odor and prevent it from contaminating other areas in your home.

The OdorKlenz source treatment was designed tor remove the toughest odors on your carpeting and upholstery by attacking the chemical pathways and neutralizing the odors at the source.OdorKlenz Source Treatment can be used on water-safe surfaces and is designed for use on carpets, fabrics, some upholstery, and other water extractable surfaces. It destroys odors from a variety of sources (such as pets, kids, animals, spills, etc.) deep down, eliminating stubborn odors at the chemical source. OdorKlenz Source Treatment is a specially formulated product to provide maximum neutralization and odor extraction by capturing, destroying, and eliminating offending odor sources safely and effectively.

·Fast Acting
·Made from safe proprietary technology
·Can be used on carpeting, rugs, various surfaces, and soft and hard surfaces
·Eliminates the toughest odor sources without the use of masking agents, fragrances, or harsh chemicals
Available in 116 oz containers.

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