Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How To Remove Odors From Your Home Naturally

Remove Odors From Your Home

EnviroKlenz products irreversibly capture, destroy and neutralize toxic chemical pollutants and offending odors-safely and effectively-without releasing any harmful chemicals, masking agents or fragrances into your home or the environment.

Better than an air freshener, more effective than a carbon air filter, EnviroKlenz products actually break down harmful pollutants into their elemental parts, so they are gone forever.

EnviroKlenz products create clean indoor air for everyone by utilizing our advanced technology to neutralize a broad spectrum of odors and chemicals.

Why is this important?
Because indoor air contains so many toxic pollutants, there is a whole field called Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). And it's a problem.

The EPA conducted a 17-year study and found that women working in their homes had a 55% greater risk of dying from cancer than those who worked in an office, due to the use of ordinary household products. Look under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, the garage, and the basement for examples. There you will find oven cleaners, paint removers, bug killers, solvents, drain cleaners, and more. These products are potentially harmful to people and to the environment

EnviroKlenz products can quickly restore the indoor air quality in your home without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents while reducing odors and VOCs that are present in your indoor air environment.

Here is just a partial list of indoor air pollutants that can be eliminated by EnviroKlenz products:

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