Friday, April 1, 2016

Odor Removal Tips: Dog Got Sprayed By Skunk

Odor Removal Tips: Dog Got Sprayed By Skunk

Today we will cover a question that we frequently get this time of the year on what to do when your dog gets skunked? Many pet owners turn to the Internet for home remedies that require a lot of time, patience, and materials from your kitchen pantry and medicine cabinets. The problem we often here is that the home remedies worked to bring the odor down a bit but the skunk smell is still present and now being transferred to other areas of your home. Watch our video on our Skunk Odor eliminator to learn why it is effective, fast-acting, and safe to use directly on your pet

How to remove Skunk Smell from Dog

Since OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator is made from natural earth minerals it is safe enough to use directly on your pet. The Skunk Odor Eliminator is your number one trusted source for skunk smell removal and works fast to eliminate skunk odors from your pet and prevents the odor from returning and spreading and contaminating other areas in your home. If you are an outdoorsman, hunter, or live in an area that is populated with skunks, don't wait to disaster occurs, keep a bottle of

For Pets-
Generously pour directly onto your pet and work from head to tail for five minutes to ensure the product comes into contact with all contaminated areas.
Finish by rinsing your pet thoroughly.
One bottle of OdorKlenz Skunk treats the typical large dog

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