Monday, April 4, 2016

Remove Odors From Shoes

Remove Odors From Shoes

OdorKlenz Sports powder makes shoe odor removal easy by utilizing a patented technology that works fast to neutralize the odors that build up in shoes without the use of toxic chemicals or perfumes. OdorKlenz Sports Powder can also be used to remove sweat odors from pads, helmets, workout gloves, and athletic items that can not be washed conventionally. The flip-top dispenser is ideal for easy application and use, and our patented technology is safe for the chemically sensitive, leaving perfumes and masking agents on the bench.

Smelly Shoes can become an embarrassing problem and your shoes can harbor noxious sweat and foot odors that can lead to some potential health concerns.OdorKlenz Sports powder was made with the athlete in mind to deodorize shoes and remove the toughest foot odors safely & effectively. Just apply a visible coating inside of the shoe and the sports powder will begin to remove bad foot odor that has accumulated in the inside of the shoe.The OdorKlenz Sports powder will remain inside the shoe weeks after it has been applied and continue to get rid of shoe odors as they are introduced to the shoe.


OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used to remove offending sweat and body odors from your gear and fitness pads as well. Often sports pads, gloves, and bags cannot be washed the conventional way but with OdorKlenz Sports powder you are able to apply it directly to your athletic items and remove the odors safely and effectively. Another use for OdorKlenz Sports powder can be used to remove fragrances or perfumes that were transferred over to your shoes, gear, or equipment. Just apply a visible coating and it leaves your items smelling clean and odor free.For more information on how to remove odors from gym bags and locker visit our OdorKlenz Sports Release bag page.

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