Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Odor Removal & Deodorization For your Business

Odor Removal & Deodorization For your Business


Every day, a business is affected with a chemical odor or noxious odor that can be a detriment to this Customer experience and hurt their bottom line. Athletic center struggle with keeping locker rooms clean and odor free and often use products that are toxic and full of fragrances that disturb the Custome experience as well.

Hotels & Motels often have an unruly guest who smoke in rooms or who have pets that destroy the air quality of the room making the room inaccessible and off the market until it is remediated.What do these two situations have in common? Beyond there, odorous situation the two very different business can be treated safely and effectively with the EnviroKlenz branded product line.

In fact, the EnviroKlenz products offer business of all verticals a do-it-yourself application of removing chemical odors from the business contents, surfaces, and indoor air. The products are non-toxic and fragrances free and will not deter or affect the Customer experience and in 99% of the business that has implemented the EnviroKlenz systems have reported back positive experiences along with Happy Customer Feedback.All products are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee and can be quickly customized and shipped to a business across the US. You may reach us direct at 239-330-6176 or email at custserv@timilon.com

Quite simply they are just metal oxides. Metal oxides are in general considered safe compounds and are often found in a variety of safe consumer and food products. The magic is we are able to make them more active than when they are mined straight out of the ground. EnviroKlenz products are made from various combinations of the following active metal oxides powders:

Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Zinc Oxide (ZnO)
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
We combine our powders to achieve the right balance to suit the desired application. Our unique production processes yield materials that have broad chemical neutralization abilities.

As EnviroKlenz product come into contact with chemical pollutants in circulating air or on surfaces, the product's chemistry attaches to and reacts with the pollutants and/or destroys/neutralizes the pollutant.

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