Friday, October 28, 2016

Best Air Purifier for Mold Odors

How does one know if they have high-levels of VOCs or mold-generated VOCs in their home? It is highly recommended to contact a professional inspector and mold remediation company for mold mitigation, but a tell-tale sign would be the often offensive smells associated with mold-generated VOCs. Looking past the structural damage that mold can cause to a home, which can be resolved by restoration and remediation professionals, breathing in and exposure to mold-generated VOCs can be a serious health hazard to the property occupants because of the potential damage to the olfactory system and temporal lobe.

EnviroKlenz is one of the most environmentally friendly processes for removing chemical odors from a home or business. Unlike thermal fogging processes, masking agents, and ozone, EnviroKlenz does not release chemicals into the air while removing the airborne molecules that pollute the air and create strange odors. The EnviroKlenz Mobile System is the smartest and most effective solution when confronted with the problem of having to remove harmful and toxic VOCs.

The EnviroKlenz mobile air system is the most environmentally friendly odor restoration process available. It removes the airborne odor-causing molecules without releasing chemicals into the air like hydroxyl, ozone, masking agents or thermal fogging processes.

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